Team Members

Dr. J. G. MOndal , Faculty of Chemistry, DIVYA GURUKULAM,Siliguri

Dr. J.G.Mondal
(HOD Foundations and Faculty of Chemistry)

Our foundation program focuses on competitive examinations like preliminary preparation of Junior Science Olympiad, NTSE & also ensures excellence in school exams. The faculty members associated with Divya GURUKULAM are a strong and dedicated team of experts who possess ample experience and knowledge to nurture the students at the basic level and simultaneously making them adaptable to face the competitive examinations successfully. The faculty at Divya GURUKULAM is more like companions who inspire the students to master the concepts. This is achieved through fostering innovations in education, interaction with faculties, conceptual teaching, assessment, evaluation, guidance and motivation

Our Esteemed Faculty Team

  • Mr. A.Prasad
  • Mr.S.S.Sanyal
  • Mrs. Debolina Ghosh
  • Mr. A.Chakraborty
  • Mr.A.Kumar
  • Mrs. N.Ganguli